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MB Consulting: Special Services

MB Consulting: Special Services

Extreme Personalization

Special Services

The relationship between MB Consulting and your family will be founded upon complete trust and extreme personalization, both of which are fundamental values to MB Consulting. The services we will be able to provide for you will be especially varied:

  • Best healthcare assistance orientation (both general and specialist healthcare professionals): We will indicate and review the best national and international health centres to make sure you will get the best healthcare available.
  • Support in organizing your family’s free time: We will help organize trips and vacations, as well as family activities, parties, and anything else that might come to your mind. We will take care of finding you houses or apartments to rent during your stay wherever you go. We will find you rental cars, helicopters, and boats, and we will handle the managing of their relative personnel.
  • Development of your family’s philanthropic ventures: We will handle the creation and managing of any specific charity organization. We will care about the causes you care about and help you support them in the best possible way, in line with your style.
  • Personal shopper and shopping-on-demand: We will provide you with a personal shopping service for your fashion, design, and gadget purchases, so that you can make the best of your shopping experience.

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