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Banking Consulting

Banking Consulting

We help the client with their choice of a banking institute as well as with managing their relationship with their bank, with our Banking consulting service

To avail oneself of different banking institutes is not only a natural, logical response to the need of limiting one’s risks; it’s also the only way to go whenever the considerable consistency and international nature of one’s liquid assets make it so that it’s necessary to operate and invest in different Countries, through different banking institutes.

By contrast, selecting the best banking institute according to one’s needs, picking the best bank products and services, operating in one direction as to avoid doubling and/or overlapping of operations, keeping one’s assets all in one pace to have a complete, general overview, managing costs and operations…all of these require time, competence, and a constant condition of being up to date.

Thanks to our being completely independent from various banking institutes and networks, and thanks to our great financial experience, we at MB Consulting help our clients choosing and managing banking services and products in the best possible way, according to their specific needs—all of this with no conflict of interest!

Our Banking consulting product offers:

  • evaluation, negotiation, and managing of costs and services offered by various banks and institutes;
  • analysis of stocks/funds portfolios, evaluation of the weight of each sector, company, and compartment as far as global assets are concerned;
  • overview of clients’ assets along with personalized reports so as to provide our clients with a simplified, clearer overview of their financial situation.

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