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Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

We provide support for our clients in making the best choices regarding the managing of their assets.

Financial consulting is a kind of consulting that helps clients choose amongst a combination of choices, strategies, decisions, procedures, and all those factors that make up the active managing of assets, and that affect the assets’ growth in time. Financial consulting keeps the following into consideration:

  • personal data of the client and their family;
  • client's goals of profit;
  • risk management

MB Consulting offers financial consulting services that help our clients choose amongst the best bodies specialized in assets managing all of whom have been officially authorized by Consob and Banca d’Italia.

MB Consulting makes a point of taking care of:

  • analysis of risks and of the client's goals of profit;
  • selecting banking partners which are able to supply loans meant for business initiatives to be perpetuated in time;
  • selecting the best instruments to achieve the client’s goals and make the aforementioned business initiatives into a reality;
  • offering consulting on the best choices of investment, in line with the client’s expectations and needs such consulting services are offered with no personal judgement, independently from what might be the personal views of MB Consulting's agent, in full transparency, and with no conflict of interest.

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