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Insurance and social security

Insurance and social security

MB Consulting can identify your family’s insurance and social security needs and analyze your existing insurance portfolio in order to lay out the best insurance/social security program for your situation, ensuring the best coverage both in contract and economic terms. MB Consulting cananalyze the potential risks and select the best insurance companies to contact with a coverage proposal to initiate negotiations.

Specifically, MB Consulting will:

  • identify and evaluate potential risks;
  • analyze insurance policies and evaluate conditions and costs, also checking on whether said policies are available on the market at better prices and guarantees;
  • assist you with any left-side problems that may arise.

Tax planning is also a very important issue. To create a tax plan means to promptly face and solve all those tax matters either for your person or your business that are subjected to a constant evolution due to either modifications to the domestic taxation system or the need to relate to international taxation systems (due to personal, family, business, hereditary, or residential reasons).

A proper national and, most importantly, international tax plan is vital in order to avoid or contain the risks of double taxation and to take advantage of the interrelation between two or more taxation systems.

The international market gets ever more complex and globalized. It is therefore absolutely essential to have access to the most profitable opportunities through the comparative study of social and taxation systems existing in each Country. Wherever margins of profit are limited due to international competition, the reduction of costs including taxation costs, of course acts as a major source of profit and credibility.

MB Consulting will perform tax planning consulting by supporting the owner and management of your family business, helping them to get ready to handle the company to the next generation while respecting the views of the exiting management.

In order to guarantee the survival and continuity of your business, it is vital that you address all the aforementioned matters, which are strictly linked together and encompass all areas assets, tax, management, personal and family. You need to carefully plan every intervention on your business’ operation strategy, as well as on your business’ institutional framework.

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